I am a Koala Bear

You know, there’s an extremely crippling nature about writing:

Anyone has the capacity to write about anything they want, for any reason, claiming anything, at any moment.

For instance, I could wake up one morning, open up a fresh page on WordPress, and write a post about how I am a Koala Bear. I could write about my fur, my eating habits, my appearance, my “bear-ness,” and even describe the tree I live in.

So, what’s the problem?

I’m a human being. I ain’t no damn Koala (yo). 

Hence, the crippling nature of writing is exposed: It grants people the capacity to become completely delusional about  their daily endeavors. 

I’m not preaching about this phenomenon because I secretly believe that I am a Koala Bear; but, rather, I mean to draw a parallel to my life:

In a previous post, I said that I’d be starting my diet plan today, Wednesday, October 23rd, and that I would continue it for 28 straight days in order to form a new habit of eating. Now, being that this blog post is transmitted through cyberspace rather than by spoken word, my readers have no way of telling whether I stick to the plan or not. I could write post after post about how strictly i’m following my diet and working out; but for all they know, I could be eating SPAM straight out of the can as I type those very words (Just like readers would never know if a Koala Bear was writing this very post, as they can’t see me through the screen).

At this moment, I can guarantee that I am neither eating SPAM as I write this, nor am I a Koala Bear. However, the intent of this post is to show that words written mean NOTHING if they don’t translate into real life action. 

Anything we write matters only as much as it translates into the real world.

Think about it: Do you care about the actual digital forms that you fill out on Amazon.com? No, of course you don’t. You only care about the brand new pair of Ray Bans that show up on your doorstep 6-7 business days later.

The blinking cursor on any blank page holds the prospect of infinite amounts of content. You can say anything you want; but it doesn’t make it so.

Therefore, while my words on these posts affirm that I’ve begun my diet plan today, none of that matters unless i’m acting accordingly in the real, physical world.

So, to spare you all the prospect of me rambling on and on: I’m starting my plan today. I’m going to stick to it. And I ain’t no damn Koala Bear. 

Peace and Love,



28 Days

This week in training for work, I learned a lot about habits. More specifically, I learned what it takes to change a habit and have your new behavior stick.

All habits are the cause of triggers. Something happens that triggers your action, and then the outcome is a behavior. When this behavior happens subconsciously, it’s a habit.

Did you know that it takes at least 28 days of consecutive behavior to replace a certain habit? That’s right… You need to do something 28 days in a row for it to stick. So, for instance, if you wanted to start putting on your left sock before your right sock every morning, you would need to put on that left soc k first EVERY SINGLE DAY. If you put on the right sock first and don’t catch yourself, the 28 days starts over.

I’ve always found it extremely difficult to move into a life-changing situation. It’s not something that you can just snap your fingers and commit to. It’s a huge, huge commitment that you need to devote yourself to and make a steadfast, daily effort to execute actions that are aligned with your goals.

All of that said, how does it apply to me? The answer: Monday.

I need a few days to clear my mind, but on Monday, I’ll be starting back up on my Nutrisystem plan after an extremely liberal few weeks (more than a month) in which I was very uncommitted. That’s not to say i’m going to go crazy this weekend, but I want to start fresh in a fresh week.

By starting on October 22nd, that means that on November 16th, I need to be able to look back and say that I spent 28 consecutive days committing myself to this plan.

By putting dates to my actions and this commitment, I feel that it’ll make me more committed.



Returning from the Dead

It’s been way too long since I’ve written, and I borderline dislike myself for giving up on this blog.

The fact of the matter is, I caught a lot of shit from some of my friends for writing the blog. And, well, I realized that it shouldn’t be about what they think… nor should it be about publicizing my writing.

Those who stumble upon this blog will read it, and they’re entitled to their opinions at that point. However, by force-feeding my inner thoughts to the masses through social media, I feel like i’m setting myself up to come under criticism. Accordingly, i’ll no longer publicize my posts through social media.

Why do I write?

I love it. My mind is churning 24/7, and, well, some of those thoughts absolutely need to spill out of my head and onto the computer screen… it makes me feel more at peace, liberated… calm.

I know that I have an inherent flaw in my character in that I seek outward validation far too often. For instance, not only do I need to DO something, I need to have people notice it. The end game of this rant is the following: I hope to buck this trend and stop asking people to notice me.

Rather, I’d want to create, accomplish, and do things that people can’t help but to notice.   

In my opinion, that is the mark of someone truly great. 

With all of that said, I realize now how important this blog is to me. Not from the standpoint of what the words within my post say, but in the fact that it exists… its available to me at any moment of any day to release my thoughts and feelings. Whether someone reads my post or not– well, that’s irrelevant. However, the inner peace I feel after clicking “Publish Post,” now that’s what it’s all about.

To be frank, since I stopped writing, I haven’t felt as good about myself. I also haven’t stuck to my diet. 

Tonight, i’m leaving for Virginia to spend the weekend there… and then I have training for work on Monday and Tuesday. I’ll be back in the office Wednesday with no major vacations/trips/anything in my future. I see it as a time to cleanse my mind and body. So, i’ll say it to everyone who reads this… or no one, for that matter. The diet, and a road to a new me begins next Wednesday, and I want to write… religiously.

I’ve gone through a lot in the past week and its challenged my character. I’m not quite ready to fold just yet. I’m not ready to quit, and i’m not ready to sacrifice an inner peace and feeling of self-worth that I hold so dear.

I will reach my goals. I will carry on. And I will do things that inspire people to notice me, not things that people notice because I’m screaming at the top of my lungs about them.

As I said before, 

I want to stop asking for people to notice me. Rather, I’d want to create, accomplish, and do things that people can’t help but to notice.  

All of my love.



Slight Struggles

It’s been a couple few days since i’ve written. Just had a lot going on.


With that said, i’ve had a couple struggles. I was running out of meals with my first Nutrisystem shipment, and it was my first batch, so there were a few rando meals I got stuck with that I didn’t like and that didn’t satisfy me. So, I deviated from my plan a little and ended up snacking more than I was supposed to… nothing major, like an extra piece of cheese here and there and some extra turkey… and I had a couple drinks one night for my sister’s graduation party… Needless to say, I was acting weak and it can’t happen again.

Now, i’ve gotten my new shipment in, and its all the food I custom-ordered and definitely like, so I don’t anticipate this being a problem  in this coming month, as everything is now tailored to me.

All that said, I really want to launch a sting-campaign of sorts to motivate me for the next week. I’ll say it on here so I can hold myself accountable for the next week…


I’m not going to deviate at all from my approved plan. Not even a little… for 7 full days. If I do decide to have a drink, it will be one, and that’s all. Period. So, this time next week, if I messed up, i’ll have to admit it publicly. Mind you, I stepped on the scale just for a baseline idea, and I didn’t gain any weight, which is good. But, I want to see a loss posted on Tuesday, and unless I’m strong through this weekend, i’ll be hard pressed to do so.

Additionally, with weekend trips coming up to Boston (8/25) and Denver (8/31) in the coming two weeks, I want to set a strong baseline, as I probably won’t be able to bring food with me on both trips. 

Also, another challenge in the near future is in two weeks, we have a major national meeting at work and i’ll have to go out to dinner with other people from national three nights in a row… this will probably be hard, so i’m going to have to plan ahead and pre-determine what I eat, and make sure I stick to that.

This post was more for me to hold myself accountable than to entertain anyone, so my apologies.

Hopefully I report back good news next week, I’m certainly planning on it. I’d really like to get down to minus 15 total… which would be losing two more pounds by Tuesday, so that’s the short-term goal.

God-willing, we’re there.




Quick Update

Figured i’d at least make it known I wasn’t hiding after I said this week would be a big one for my progress.

I broke through the plateau and dropped down by another 2 pounds. While in the grand scheme, 2 pounds is minimal, the fact that it happened in a week is great. If I kept up this rate (even considering these past 2 weeks have been “down weeks”), i’d reach my 50 lb goal in half a year. I just feel like its not a fluke and the weight is coming off correctly.

Busy week for me, but i’m sure i’ll have something to talk about at some point.

In the meantime, please follow me on twitter. @bkc78





My Favorite Kind of Athlete

Jordan Burroughs  is wrestling for a gold medal at 74 KG later today. Pretty awesome, right? I mean, it’s an American going for a gold medal in the Olympics! Surely, this 24 year old from NJ didn’t expect to be wrestling with the greats of the world on the biggest stage possible…

Well, yeah, actually he did.

Anyone who has been even slightly involved in athletics in their life has come across a few athletes that inspire them. These athletes somehow find a way to separate themselves from everyone else and specifically find a way to stand out to you.

While I can be inspired by a wealth of different attributes, the most impressive thing about an athlete to me is their mental construct.

My favorite type of athlete is one who is very strong mentally, one who is extremely focused, one who is goal-oriented, one whose entire life revolves around their objective, and one who blocks out every instance of doubt that is set before them.

More specifically, my favorite type of athlete doesn’t understand the word “LOSE”. There are some athletes that view losing as a foreign concept, as a fable. Surely, they’d experienced it before in their lives; however, until it actually occurs to them, it doesn’t even seem like an option.

Instead of rambling along with generic examples and blanket statements, i’ll give specific instances and athletes that stood out to me and inspired me.

  • Ryan Kalil- OL, Carolina Panther

Recently, Kalil guaranteed a Super Bowl for the Panthers THIS season. Audacious? Clearly. The Panthers posted a 6-10 record last season. However, I can’t help but to admire Kalil for his mindset. It seems like he’s entering camp with the perfect mentality. If you’re not going into preseason thinking that you’re going to win it all, why even play the game? Kalil is so confident in his team that he took out a page in the newspaper to put his declaration in ink. Will it pay off? I’d bet against it, but good for him; I wish them all the best and respect the hell out of his mindset.

  • Muhammad Ali, Champion Boxer

I’m not going to write a paragraph about Muhammad Ali. He’s widely regarded as the greatest and most entertaining boxer of all time. If you’ve never heard of him and want to get the jist of him, click here. Not only was Ali confident that he’d win every fight. He was so confident that he’d predict what round he’d knock his competitor out in. Losing was foreign to him… and even after a loss, he came back just as confident for his next fight. He was the quintessential star.

  • Cristiano Ronaldo, Soccer star, Real Madrid FC

If you’ve ever seen Cristiano Ronaldo play soccer. You know why he’s on this list. He’s so damn good. Furthermore, he blatantly knows it. He employs cheeky crossovers/dribbling moves routinely, is one of the best Free Kick takers in the game, and believes he’s the best alive. He mostly made this list because of the following quote he once said: “God put me on this earth to show people how to play football.

  • Lionel Messi, Soccer star, FC Barcelona

Messi is regarded as the best player in the world, albeit, he’s sometimes second to Ronaldo. But I have no reservation in saying that Messi is the best alive right now. However, he’s usually soft-spoken. So, why is he on this list? This is why… When told of Ronaldo’s claim above, Messi responded, “I don’t ever recall having told him that.” Boss.

  • Floyd Mayweather, Jr., Undefeated Champion Boxer

Mayweather has never lost in his career. Period. Nor does he even entertain the notion he ever will. He very openly claims to be the greatest of all time. When asked about his relative position of greatness compared to the likes of Ali and Sugar Ray, Mayweather quickly responded, “Yup, I’m better than Muhammad Ali. Sugar Ray Robinson? Yup, I’m better than Sugar Ray Robinson. I would never say there’s another fighter better than me.” 

  • Usain Bolt, Jamaican Track Sensation and World Record Holder

Usain Bolt is the world record holder in the 100-meter dash and holds 6 of the 10 fastest recorded times in history in that event. He’s also the first Olympic sprinter to ever win the Gold Medal in both the 100 and 200 in consecutive Olympic games. In 2008, in his first Gold-medal-winning race, Bolt had such a commanding lead, he pulled up 20 meters early, spread his arms wide, and high-stepped his way to the finish. Pretty cool right? Even cooler… he still broke the world record. After winning his gold in the 200 meter dash this past week, Bolt told reporters he wasn’t just the best sprinter in the world, he took it to another level: “I’m now a legend, I’m also the greatest athlete to live. I’ve got nothing left to prove. I’ve showed the world I’m the best.” Tell him otherwise… I wouldn’t bet against him proving you wrong

  • Jordan Burroughs, 2X NCAA Wrestling National Champion, Eventual Olympic Gold Medalist

Finally, the reason I wrote this post: Mr. Jordan Burroughs. Burroughs won his first three matches today to advance to the Gold medal bout today at 2:45 pm EST. Most would be surprised by this result, as he’s still relatively young by Olympic wrestling standards (24). However, Burroughs has known all along. Proof? Well, in every interview he’s done, he specifically spoke to “Winning the gold.” Furthermore, how’s this for a bill of confidence? His twitter username is: @alliseeisgold. [Said: All I See Is Gold] It’s been that name since he joined Twitter in January of 2011, over a year and a half ago.  (Follow him). All of his tweets are tailored to him winning the gold. And, in his last tweet before he began competing, he stated, “Thanks everyone for the goodlucks tomorrow. Dreaming of Gold tonight. My next tweet will be a picture of me holding that Gold medal!!!” Confident? Yup.

Maybe this post would have been more appropriate to post after Jordan’s match tonight; however, his confidence emanates from him so strongly that I believe in him just as much as he believes in himself.

Don’t tell him he might win. He won’t entertain the thought.

He will win, it’s that simple.

See you on the podium JB.






My Guest Blog for Campus Protein

Check out my guest post today for Campus Protein. Here’s a link to my post on their blog: http://campusprotein.wordpress.com/2012/08/08/stacking-for-athletes/

Read regularly, they’re great.



Hey y’all:

Before I write a thing, I’d like to thank the guys over at Campus Protein for the opportunity to write this article. I’m humbled they’ve taken enough of an interest in my blog that they wanted me to write a guest post. When you’re done here, make sure to swing over and check out/follow my blog: myscalesaysimfrat.wordpress.com.

So, to give some background/perspective on myself for those of you who don’t know me, I graduated from Boston University this past May after wrestling onBU’s Division-I wrestling team for 4 years. I wrestled in about 5 conference matches and multiple tournaments as a 2nd string wrestler at both the 197 lb. and Heavyweight weight classes. My junior year was my lone year at 197, and, after analyzing the lineup, I figured I’d have the best chance of contributing at Heavyweight the next season. So, accordingly, it was time for me to put on good weight that summer.

One day, I spoke with one of our captains and we completely re-vamped my conditioning, exercise, and nutritional regimens. I weighed about 225 and wanted to be a real solid 240 by the start of the season. What I came to understand was that when it came to putting on muscle and mass, timing was EVERYTHING when it came to lifting and nutrition. Therefore, it’s crucial to map out your days (even weeks) so that your nutrient timing and stacks are on point. So, for this post, I thought I’d share my success with you, and explain my regimen in detail.

Now, I’m not a Health Science/Dietary Health major or anything, and I won’t claim to know the biological processes behind everything I talk about… some things, I won’t know WHY it works, but I’ll know that it worked for me, and might work for you.

The first thing that’s important to know about putting on mass is that your body needs to be assured it will get its vitamins every day. Therefore, it’s a great practice to start everyday with a mutli-vitamin; I used to take the generic Megaman Sport Multi from GNC, however, I know there’s a million varieties out there. Just ask the guy from CampusProtein.com (boom, like that plug?) the best multivitamin they carry when you call, and they’ll let you know. Additionally, I would take a B-12 pill to boost my metabolism right away in the morning. I wanted to make sure my body was ready to digest everything that I put into it, and that I would burn calories faster, as to not put on fat.

Additionally, throughout the day, I’d carry around a gallon jug of water mixed with 4 scoops of Xtend BCAA powder. Taking a BCAA (branched chain amino acid) throughout the day will help prevent the breakdown of muscle as you train, and they also increase the release of your naturally occurring Human Growth Hormone (like, the chill, natural stuff… not that Barry Bonds shit). Therefore, it’s good to drink throughout the day, especially during and afterworkouts. Also, I had a dank watermelon flavor that made water taste better. Oh yeah, Note: Don’t drink anything with sugar, basically. No soda, sweetened tea, etc. It’s bad for you, and might be a source of unwanted fat. Just overall not conducive to your goals.

I liked to lift in the morning, so I’d wake up at 6 AM and make a mini Protein shake to give my body something to feed off of. Just take a scoop of whey and a cup of milk, mix it up, chug it and go. This is essential to your mass building… it’s almost like trying to run a car with no gas if you don’t have something in your body before a lift.

I’m not going to go on a rant of how you should train, because everyone has their own ways… So, take whatever muscle-building plan you’re on, and do it at the gym. Put it this way, the only thing I’ll say isIf you’re not tired or sore after your lift, you’re either not working hard enough, or you need to lift heavier weights. So, do your own lift regimen, and mix in some cardio. Just make sure you target muscle groups with the goal of increasing the weight you lift over time… More weight you can lift=more muscle. Easy.

As you lift, you should be drinking at least a liter of water mixed with your BCAA powder. This will help your muscles recover over time, release some natural growth hormones, and aid in preventing tissue breakdown.

Your nutrition is most important immediately after a workout. I recommend doing the following. Immediately after each lift, take two Glutamine pills (aids in natural muscle recovery), and a protein shake with 2 scoops of Whey Protein. Chug it down, even if it doesn’t taste awesome. Your body NEEDS protein within 30 minutes of the end of a workout… If your body doesn’t get that protein to refuel, you just wasted your own time, because the protein is essentially what adds on to your muscle. Each time you lift (to put it in complete “For Dummies” terms.) you’re slightly tearing your muscles, and then the protein comes in and mends that tear and adds some more on top… this is how you build muscle.

About a half hour later, I’d have breakfast. Now, as I said, I’m a big dude… so my meals may be bigger than yours would be. Take that into consideration and cut down on intake if you feel you need to. Every morning, I’d have an omelette with 8 egg whites and as many vegetables as I wanted. 8 egg whites was so hard to completely finish, but I will say, it worked, and I put on a lot of good weight by the end of the summer.

Then, I wouldn’t eat again until lunch usually, maybe a small snack like a few slices of turkey or chicken… but I’d keep drinking my water with BCAAs.

Lunch: I’d eat a huge salad… like gigantic, with as many vegetables as I wanted. I ate a lot of broccoli because it was a “meaty” vegetable and had a lot of protein… filled me up good. You can put a light dressing on it, but not too much. Also, stay away from too much starch in your vegetable choices.

Then, around 2-3 hours later, I’d have another snack. Either broccoli with hummus or tabouli, or more turkey if you want that. Greek Yogurt is also pretty good… lots of protein.

Then, dinner. I’d have some kind of a meat or fish… another gigantic salad, and a half cup of either whole wheat pasta or rice as a good carb fuel to get me ready for the next day.

Finally, right before bed, I’d have a shake with one scoop of Casein protein. Basically, my trainer explained casein as a protein that your body feeds off of as it sleeps. So what does that mean? Well, if your body is eating all the Casein, it’s not going to touch the muscle you built in the gym that day… Makes sense right? Casein was, in my opinion, the most critical addition to my summer regimen.

It was also important I got to bed early every night. If you’re going to be up at the crack of dawn to lift, you need your 7 hours of sleep… end of story. Make it happen.

So, at the end of the summer, to quantify the above… I came back to wrestling at 243 lbs. and had put on 18 lbs. What’s even better? My body fat % only increased by 2ish %. What did that mean?

Lots more muscle. Accordingly, I felt stronger than I ever had that season. My bench max increased by 55 lbs over the summer, and my clean max went up by 35 lbs. Stick to a strong nutrient timing regimen and lift hard, and you WILL HAVE SUCCESS. 

Thanks again to the guys at Campus Protein for the opportunity to write this, and make sure you visit/follow my blog:myscalesaysimfrat.wordpress.com, and follow me on Twitter: @bkc78
All the Best,