Basically, after graduating from Boston U at the end of May, I swiftly started and quit an internship, ultimately settling into a full-time position back in New Jersey. At BU, I was extremely active socially, physically, and academically. I was a member of BU’s Division I wrestling team and the top fraternity on campus.

So, here, I plan to write about my early adult-life crisis, if you will. I’m moving from the ultimate social environment (college) back to a suburban bubble. Needless to say, the transition has been far from easy to process.

I think the general theme of the blog will help me track my health… I just began a new eating regimen (a fancy way to say diet), and I feel like writing about my thoughts and feelings might help me keep my life organized and my diet on track.

Also, to explain the title of the Blog… one of my teammates came up with it a long time ago.

He told me, “Yo dude, if you ever write an autobiography, it needs to be called “My Scale Says I’m Frat”, because you wrestle [scale] and you’re a in a frat. Oh, and you’re large, so the book will probably be about your life’s vicious cycle of being unhappy and eating.”

So, thank you @SwankyLegg. I appreciate the kind words, and I hope you appreciate the fact that your Wordsmithing/Pun-creating talents have come to life, in a sense.


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