I am a Koala Bear

You know, there’s an extremely crippling nature about writing:

Anyone has the capacity to write about anything they want, for any reason, claiming anything, at any moment.

For instance, I could wake up one morning, open up a fresh page on WordPress, and write a post about how I am a Koala Bear. I could write about my fur, my eating habits, my appearance, my “bear-ness,” and even describe the tree I live in.

So, what’s the problem?

I’m a human being. I ain’t no damn Koala (yo). 

Hence, the crippling nature of writing is exposed: It grants people the capacity to become completely delusional about  their daily endeavors. 

I’m not preaching about this phenomenon because I secretly believe that I am a Koala Bear; but, rather, I mean to draw a parallel to my life:

In a previous post, I said that I’d be starting my diet plan today, Wednesday, October 23rd, and that I would continue it for 28 straight days in order to form a new habit of eating. Now, being that this blog post is transmitted through cyberspace rather than by spoken word, my readers have no way of telling whether I stick to the plan or not. I could write post after post about how strictly i’m following my diet and working out; but for all they know, I could be eating SPAM straight out of the can as I type those very words (Just like readers would never know if a Koala Bear was writing this very post, as they can’t see me through the screen).

At this moment, I can guarantee that I am neither eating SPAM as I write this, nor am I a Koala Bear. However, the intent of this post is to show that words written mean NOTHING if they don’t translate into real life action. 

Anything we write matters only as much as it translates into the real world.

Think about it: Do you care about the actual digital forms that you fill out on Amazon.com? No, of course you don’t. You only care about the brand new pair of Ray Bans that show up on your doorstep 6-7 business days later.

The blinking cursor on any blank page holds the prospect of infinite amounts of content. You can say anything you want; but it doesn’t make it so.

Therefore, while my words on these posts affirm that I’ve begun my diet plan today, none of that matters unless i’m acting accordingly in the real, physical world.

So, to spare you all the prospect of me rambling on and on: I’m starting my plan today. I’m going to stick to it. And I ain’t no damn Koala Bear. 

Peace and Love,



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