28 Days

This week in training for work, I learned a lot about habits. More specifically, I learned what it takes to change a habit and have your new behavior stick.

All habits are the cause of triggers. Something happens that triggers your action, and then the outcome is a behavior. When this behavior happens subconsciously, it’s a habit.

Did you know that it takes at least 28 days of consecutive behavior to replace a certain habit? That’s right… You need to do something 28 days in a row for it to stick. So, for instance, if you wanted to start putting on your left sock before your right sock every morning, you would need to put on that left soc k first EVERY SINGLE DAY. If you put on the right sock first and don’t catch yourself, the 28 days starts over.

I’ve always found it extremely difficult to move into a life-changing situation. It’s not something that you can just snap your fingers and commit to. It’s a huge, huge commitment that you need to devote yourself to and make a steadfast, daily effort to execute actions that are aligned with your goals.

All of that said, how does it apply to me? The answer: Monday.

I need a few days to clear my mind, but on Monday, I’ll be starting back up on my Nutrisystem plan after an extremely liberal few weeks (more than a month) in which I was very uncommitted. That’s not to say i’m going to go crazy this weekend, but I want to start fresh in a fresh week.

By starting on October 22nd, that means that on November 16th, I need to be able to look back and say that I spent 28 consecutive days committing myself to this plan.

By putting dates to my actions and this commitment, I feel that it’ll make me more committed.




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