Slight Struggles

It’s been a couple few days since i’ve written. Just had a lot going on.


With that said, i’ve had a couple struggles. I was running out of meals with my first Nutrisystem shipment, and it was my first batch, so there were a few rando meals I got stuck with that I didn’t like and that didn’t satisfy me. So, I deviated from my plan a little and ended up snacking more than I was supposed to… nothing major, like an extra piece of cheese here and there and some extra turkey… and I had a couple drinks one night for my sister’s graduation party… Needless to say, I was acting weak and it can’t happen again.

Now, i’ve gotten my new shipment in, and its all the food I custom-ordered and definitely like, so I don’t anticipate this being a problem  in this coming month, as everything is now tailored to me.

All that said, I really want to launch a sting-campaign of sorts to motivate me for the next week. I’ll say it on here so I can hold myself accountable for the next week…


I’m not going to deviate at all from my approved plan. Not even a little… for 7 full days. If I do decide to have a drink, it will be one, and that’s all. Period. So, this time next week, if I messed up, i’ll have to admit it publicly. Mind you, I stepped on the scale just for a baseline idea, and I didn’t gain any weight, which is good. But, I want to see a loss posted on Tuesday, and unless I’m strong through this weekend, i’ll be hard pressed to do so.

Additionally, with weekend trips coming up to Boston (8/25) and Denver (8/31) in the coming two weeks, I want to set a strong baseline, as I probably won’t be able to bring food with me on both trips. 

Also, another challenge in the near future is in two weeks, we have a major national meeting at work and i’ll have to go out to dinner with other people from national three nights in a row… this will probably be hard, so i’m going to have to plan ahead and pre-determine what I eat, and make sure I stick to that.

This post was more for me to hold myself accountable than to entertain anyone, so my apologies.

Hopefully I report back good news next week, I’m certainly planning on it. I’d really like to get down to minus 15 total… which would be losing two more pounds by Tuesday, so that’s the short-term goal.

God-willing, we’re there.





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